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Gagome Konbu Soy Sauce

This is not just a regular soysauce.
We brewed from Gagome Konbu, which grows in a small particular place in Japan.
The difference of this soysauce is less saltiness than regular soysauce, plus, its mellow taste!
And also you can use for any purpose-- sushi, Tofu cuisine,and soup etc..

Gagome Konbu Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu sauce is Japanese Yuzu citron vinegar sauce.
This sauce is also brewed from Gagome Konbu.
It's mellow flavor and not too sour.
Useage is the same as soysauce, but slightly contains lime and vinegar.
You can use for any purpose--- Steak, Grilled fish, Salad.

Instant Mixed Rice

This is very easy to use!! 
And gives you Japanese traditional cuisine---Takikomi Gohan.
Takikomi Gohan is loved by whole Japanese families for many generations.
Just put into rice cooker with rice. That's it!!
It includes Gagome Konbu and scallop. 

What's Gagome Konbu?

Gagome Konbu is a very rare Konbu which we can gather only in Hakodate.
The special feature of Gagome Konbu is its stronger thickness than regular Konbu.
The thickness is widely noticed these years because it can increase your beauty and health, decrease blood pressure or prevent getting fat.

Our products are made from 100% natural derived Gagome Konbu.
Less salty and low calorie but tasty.

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